Romantic Good Night Messages for Fiancé

Wishing your fiancé good night in a lovable and romantic way is something surely to cherish. It will increase the love and attachment between the two individuals even more. Romantic good night messages for fiancé should be created with passion, love and immense romanticism that would make the night even more special adorned with the dreams of the sweetheart. Here are some good samples for your help –

  • You are the first and last person in my mind before it rolls into slumber. May the night bring on a series of lovable dreams until we unite together and sleep in each other’s arms! Good night sweetheart!
  • The star shining out there in the dark blue sky is just like you who illuminate my world. Please stay the same my love until I wake you with a warm morning kiss. Good night honey!
  • You dwell in my eyes, heart, mind and soul so let the night and its dreams be all about you and me. Lets sleep in the floral plains under the sky hand in hand and a good night kiss!
  • The distance is unbearable until we get married and tied in the nuptial bond; but it’s just a week to go my love. Come in my dreams and marry me every day till the ‘real’ D day comes. Good night!
  • The moon gets dimmer, the breeze gets softer, and the flowers blossoms slowly; here I come to your dreams now! Good night sweetheart!
  • Lying in the bed I think of you

My hands stretch out yearning for you

My curls wind up looking for your fingers

I can’t wait anymore; let’s lull into a romantic slumber.

Good night my love!

  • Come let’s meet in the virtual world of love and sit in a solitude corner hand in hand dreaming of our wedded life together. Just 5 days to go my love and we shall unite in reality! Good night.
  • Can you feel my around you? My lips on yours? Yes I’m just with you my love, feel me and just hold on for another two days till I drench you with my infinite caressing. Good night!
  • My darling I’m sure this message shall find a ‘sleepy’ you; I’m coming to take you to the dreamland where it’s a fairytale of you and me only! A good night kiss from me!
  • Cuddle up and sleep, just wait for the dreams to capture you and I’m there my honey. Good night and Love you!

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