Romantic Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic good night messages for girlfriend help one to express their love, concern and care for their girlfriend who is the most special person in their life. These messages make the recipient feel special and loved. Here are a few romantic good night messages that will melt your lover’s heart and help you bring a beautiful smile on her face.

Sample Romantic Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

  • It is the time to close your eyes and imagine about us holding hands and walking in a magical land where we will love each other till eternity. Good night and sweet dreams!
  • You may be not near me to give me a hug before going to sleep. But, it gives me pleasure to know that I have a girl like you in my life. Good night and I love you!
  • It is time to close your eyes and think about all the happy moments we have spent together and also about the moments we would be spending in future. Good night, sleep tight!
  • A special good night to my dear girlfriend who means my world to me. May you have a great sleep and lovely dreams!
  • I wish that you have an effortless sleep and dream about wonderful things that keep you happy. I love you and would like to wish you a very good night.
  • It is a full moon night and the moon is shining bright. It is the time to turn off the light and I am your Mr. Right. Have a great sleep, dear girlfriend. Good night!
  • There would be a day when I would enter your room, turn off the light and lie beside you staring at you while you sleep peacefully. Good night, my dear girlfriend!
  • At this wonderful night I wish I was there to hold you tight. Good night my love.
  • Today we may not be together but I am sure that soon a day will be there when I will kiss you and hug you to wish you wonderful night. Good night my love.
  • I feel really lucky to have such a lovely life partner like you to share my nights. Love you sweetheart, good night and sweet dreams.
  • In this beautiful starry night, I cannot stop myself from imaging the days when I will hug you tight. Wishing you a sweet good night.

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