Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

Romantic good night messages for him are the messages that a girl or a woman send to her husband, boyfriend, lover or friend in order to wish them good night. These messages are a perfect way to let someone know that they are special. These messages help in expressing the feelings of the sender towards that special person.  Below given are a few examples of romantic good night messages for him.

Sample Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

  • You are the man who comes to my mind before I go to sleep. I am missing you and wish you were near me. Good night, my dear!
  • Night is young and the moon is shining brightly. The only thing missing in this romantic night is you. I wish you a very good night!
  • In this cold moonlit night, all I need is a touch of yours so that I can feel you. I may be far away but I cannot stop thinking about you. Good night to you!
  • As the sound of wind touches my ears, I imagine your presence around me. You are the only and the most special man in my life. Good night and sweet dreams!
  • I would like to wish you a very good night from the bottom of my heart that beats for you. I hope you get a sound sleep.
  • I look at the stars in the sky and it reminds me of the moments when we would hold hands and lie down on the ground and gaze at the stars. I am missing you and a very good night to you.
  • It is the time to retire to bed, close my eyes and dream about you. You are the man of my dreams. Good night my love.
  • I may be feeling drowsy but at the same time unable to go to sleep as I am missing your good night kiss. Good night to you!
  • I love the night time when the surrounding is calm and peaceful and the wind blows in my ear whispering your name. A very good night to you.
  • May you get a sound sleep and get rid of your tiredness. I wish I was there to put your head in my lap. Good night, sweetheart!
  • I am really missing you my love. I wish you were here so that I can lie down in your arms and hug you to sleep. Good night !!

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