Sad Good Night Messages

Distress and happiness are temporary and go hand in hand. A day can be sad for someone while a bash for some other one.

Sad good night messages are written in an upset mood and are sent to the other person with a sad tone.

Such messages express the end of the sad day with a good night wish.

 Sample Sad Good Night Messages

  • Seeing those stars above, I wish if I was there to tell you how much I love. All alone thinking about you, I just thought to deliver a text to you. Please understand that my love for you is really true, I wish to say good night to you. Sleep well.
  • I did not want to hurt you all day long. I know that with my mistakes, I am weakening such a precious bond. Since you wept the whole day, I am sending you an apology message your way. Sleep with a relaxing mind, let there be happy dreams to find. Good night and sleep tight.
  • I wish I was with you to share my sorrows. You would have definitely made me happier and I would have started a better tomorrow. Since I am alone, I can just reach to you through this phone. Good night and sleep well.
  • I can just hope that my good night wish can cheer you up. I never wanted to make you sad but I always wanted things to be the best between us. I am thinking of you all this while, can you please smile? Good night my love.
  • [blockquote]Since your eyes kept weeping all the day today, they are tired. Let your eyelashes hug each other and you go to sleep for few hours. Good night and don’t be sad now. Start a new day tomorrow with that happy smile on your face.[/blockquote]
  • I am all alone and my only companion is my phone. I can’t stop my hands from texting you as I am in deep love with you. You must be thinking why a message late at this night, I am here just to wish you good night.
  • [blockquote]Just sitting, seeing the stars twinkling and the moon shining, it was you whom I was thinking. I think I should sleep without another weep. So I am wishing you good night on such a low gloomy night.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]On this night, as I was seeing that star, I wish we could never be so far! I am so sad; I wish I could hold your hand and hug you tight to wish you good night.[/blockquote]

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