Short Good Night Messages for Friends

Short good night messages for friends are the messages which are short and precise in length and are written by a person to wish good night to his/her friends.

These messages may consist of short quotes or brief wishes which are related to wishing good night. If you are confused about framing a short good night message for friend, then the following given examples will be really helpful for you.

Sample short good night message for friends

  • With the stars in the sky and the moon shining tonight, the night looks beautiful. May you enjoy the lovely night and sleep well.
  • [blockquote]May the God bless the sweetest person on the planet with deep sleep, relaxed mind and really fantastic dreams.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Only night gives us a chance to dissolve in our dreams and enter a world of paradise. Enjoy each bit of the night and the deep sleep. Good night dear friend.[/blockquote]
  • Wishing good night to my dear aunt. Sweet dreams!
  • Sweet dreams and a great night to you Mom. Love you!
  • Sending love, care and sweet dreams. Have a good night.
  • The moonlight is knocking your window. Let it pour in deep sleep and sweet dreams.

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