Very Beautiful Good Night Messages

Nights are no doubt the most beautiful and a relaxing time for everyone.

Very beautiful good night messages are the text messages that are written par excellence and are sent to offer a good night wish to the recipient.

Such messages are expressed beautifully to impress the reader.

Sample Very Beautiful Good Night Messages

  • [blockquote]I have prayed to GOD that He may lend you beautiful dreams and soundless sleep today. It is time for you to relax after such a hectic day. Good night angel, sleep well.[/blockquote]
  • Before sending this message, I was hoping if I could hug you tight instead of sending the text with a good night. Sleep tight to be fit and right.
  • [blockquote]I am sending this message to let you know that I will be guarding your dreams all the night. May you be blessed with beautiful dreams tonight. Good night and sleep tight.[/blockquote]
  • Since my beautiful daughter is sleeping, I will just come walking and while vibrating wish you good night on such a warm night. You look so pretty when you sleep.
  • [blockquote]Have you ever thought why stars are blinking and moon is shining? It is because I have sent you a message tonight to greet you a good night. They are just celebrating![/blockquote]

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