Very Cute Good Night Messages

Good night messages are the messages that are sent at the night time to convey your good night wish to a person. These messages are generally framed in a manner to say good night to a person in a happy tone.

Very cute good night messages are such good night messages that are framed and sent in a cute manner.

While framing such good night messages, the words are chosen in such a way that the reader is pleased by your good night wish. The tone of these messages is lovely, cute and sweet.

Sample very cute good night messages

  • [blockquote]I am ready to walk thousand miles to be with you tonight. I have just one aim so hug you really tight and whisper in your ears – sleep tight and good night![/blockquote]
  • Midst of millions of yesterdays and millions of tomorrows, there is just one today. On this night, I am sending my love on your way. I am requesting you never to go away; I will keep on loving you like this every night and every day. Good night!
  • [blockquote]I would never pass my night without telling you that I deeply miss you. Sleep well, this is my good night wish to you. Good night![/blockquote]
  • The dark sky is finally here, it is time for you to silently remember your morning cheer. Here is a gentle wish for you to say – good night my dear.
  • Stars are twinkling up above in the sky, it is time to shut your eyes. In the bright moonlight, I wish I could hug you tight and say you good night!
  • [blockquote]In the night breeze, I wish I could hug you and make you numb and together we freeze. This is my newer way to say good night to you. Good night![/blockquote]
  • With the sprinkling blessings from above, I am sending you my night love. Hope you mark an exciting night, switch off your lights and sleep tight. Good night!
  • I am looking forward for the day when my dream would come true. I am waiting for the day when I would wake up next to you. Good night and have a nice sleep.
  • [blockquote]I surely love the stars shining up in the sky. These stars are nothing as compared to the ones shining in your eyes. Hugs your eyes and follow your dreams. Have a peaceful night. Good night![/blockquote]

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