Very Funny Good Night Messages

Very funny good night messages are those messages that have a funny tone to wish good night to the loved ones. These types of messages can be sent to friends, relatives and other dear ones and will surely bring a smile on their face. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Very Funny Good Night Messages

  • It is time for you to go on a date with your sleepy angels, without getting caught by your wife. May you get a good sleep! Good night to you!
  • It is the time of the night for which a lazy bum like you waits throughout the day. It is the time to drop your heavy body on the bed and shut your eyes. Good night and sleep tight!
  • The stars are twinkling in the sky and the moon is shining bright which gives you a message that your roof is missing. Go to sleep; that would help you to get rid of the missing roof. Good night to you!
  • Tomorrow is Monday so go to sleep thinking tonight is the last night you survive before the hungry dragon devours you tomorrow. Good night and hope you get sound sleep!
  • The angels are waiting for you to meet you in your dreams. If you are late they may become angry and your dreams may turn into nightmare. So go to sleep and wish you a very good night!
  • I know you are hungry and do not know how to cook. So the best thing for you is to go to sleep. Good night!
  • Dear friend, I know you love the nights because it is the time when you can enjoy with beautiful ladies in your dreams without worrying about your wife. Wishing you good night and lovely dreams.
  • Dear husband, wishing you a very good night so that you sleep peacefully and get up fresh in the morning to help me with homely chores. Good night.
  • Welcome to the flight of good night dear friends, hold tight to your pillows and get ready to take off for the dreamland. Wishing you a happy and safe journey!!!
  • Leave all your worries and tensions on the night as tomorrow is Sunday and sleep tight. Good night!!!
  • Welcome to the world of dreamland dear friend.¬† Forget about your wife, your boss and all your worries and enjoy the company of lovely angels. Wishing you sweet dreams and good night.

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