Elementary School Graduation Messages

Elementary school education is the basic education acquired by a student during his high schooling. Elementary school graduation messages are the messages that are sent to such students when they complete their elementary school graduation.

These messages can be sent to congratulate, motivate or guide a student during his graduation time. The messages are framed simple and attractive.

Sample Elementary School Graduation Messages

[blockquote]We are messaging to let you know that you child is an elementary graduate now! Heartiest congratulations to you and your child. Kindly mark your presence on the graduation ceremony and celebrate your child’s success.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are no more a kid now! Congratulations, you are now an elementary school graduate. Kindly come along with your parents, this Saturday, to celebrate your graduation ceremony with your teachers and friends. Congratulations little graduate!/[blockquote]

  • My elementary school graduation is marked by mixture of feelings. I am so sad to leave this fun filled institute, and I feel so glad that I am an elementary school graduate. I promise to be an integral part of my school and won’t forget my teachers for their kind support and hard work.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I would like to thank all my teachers and staff who helped me during my elementary school graduation. I will miss you all.[/notice]

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