Engineering Graduation Messages

The messages that are written and sent to a person who has become an engineering graduate are known as engineering graduation messages. These messages can be either congratulatory in nature or may be used to wish the recipient good luck for the future.

One must try and keep the length of these messages brief and precise. You can refer to the following given samples of engineering graduation messages if you have any confusion about framing such a message:

  • Dear son, you have no idea how proud your parents are that you have completed your engineering degree and become a first division graduate. This is the proudest and happiest day of our lives and it is through you that your parents have realized their own dreams and goals. Keep working hard and make us proud all through the course of life.
  • Many congratulations to you sister for becoming a mechanical engineer and passing with such wonderful grades. You have made me proud and so happy that words can’t describe how I am feeling right now. May god bless you and be with you in all your future endeavours. All the best.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I am so happy for you that you have become an engineering graduate from such a reputed university and college. I want to wish you warm congratulations and hope that you continue achieving your goals and dreams.[/notice]
  • Engineering is a tough field and completing graduation in it is no child’s play. It must be a really proud day for you that you have become an engineering graduate today. Enjoy your day and I hope that you will move forward in life to conquer all your goals and achieve your dreams.
  • Life is a tough journey where achieving our set goals is a difficult task. But by becoming a graduate in engineering you have proved that with hardwork and dedication, nothing is impossible. Many congratulations to you for accomplishing this task and wishing you all the best for all that you have planned for your future and career.
  • I have never felt so proud in my life. I cannot believe that my daughter has completed graduation and that too in a difficult subject of engineering. If your dad was with us, he too would have been really proud and happy dear. Many congratulations to you and wishing you good luck for your future. May you achieve all that you want.

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