Farewell Graduation Messages

Farewell graduation messages are the kinds of messages which are written by a person to wish someone on the occasion of graduation farewell.

Such messages are used to give good wishes for the future or can be used to express the feelings about the time spent together by the sender and the recipient.

These messages are generally sent through the means of a sms or a greeting card.

If you are looking for samples of farewell graduation messages then the following given examples will be useful for you:

[blockquote]Wishing you a very good luck for your future and many congratulations for completing your graduation. You shall be missed by each individual of this college because of your hardwork, friendliness, dedication and pleasing personality.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]What a feeling it must be to finally become a graduate and come out with flying colours. But the feeling of bidding goodbye to the college must be a bittersweet one. [/blockquote]Hope you take both these feelings in your heart and move forward in the journey of life with determination and hope.

  • On this day of your graduation and farewell from college, I wish to tell you that you have been one of my favorite students and I shall always remember you. Very good luck for your future and hope you achieve all your dreams and goals. Don’t hesitate in asking for any kind of help.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Dear seniors, as you graduate from college, the hearts of your juniors are filled with sadness. You shall be terribly missed and we wish to collectively thank you for all that you have taught us, for all the times you have been of help. Wishing you a lovely future ahead and hoping to keep in touch with you always.[/notice]
  • Every journey must one day come to an end. Now that the journey of your graduation years is ending, I am filled with grief and sadness. But at the same time I am proud of you and want to say congratulations for graduating from one of the most prestigious colleges of this country.
  • All the best to all my batch mates for their upcoming future. Congratulations for becoming graduates and I wish to tell you that I have loved each moment that I have spent with you people during graduation years. Thanks for your support, love, care and company. I shall truly miss you each day of my life.

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