Funny Graduation Text Messages

Completion of graduation is a greatest moment of one’s life and a great celebration is required. But if you cannot meet the graduate in person, you can at least send funny graduation text messages, which will usually represent humor, happiness and is definitely going to bring a smile on the face of the reader.

Such messages are witty and will be filled with humor and are known to be usually sent in the form of sms, cards, email and such other mediums. It can be sent by people who are very close to heart and the below messages will give you an idea on how such messages can be framed.

Sample Funny Graduation Text Messages

  • Educated people are hot because they have more degrees and you are the hottest among all. Congratulations on your graduation!
  • Getting graduated is the outcome of texting, eating and watching television with an open text book nearby and you have excelled in it. Many more congratulations on the special day of getting graduated!
  • I am surprised to know that you are graduated. For such a freaky person like you, I thought it is next to impossible. You owe a very big party now and I wish you the best on this graduation day!
  • Looks like the examiner had a very poor eye sight. Anyways, I wish you all the luck and the best for your life as you get graduated!
  • This clearly implies that you had a very great time cheating in the examinations. Best wishes on your graduation and this call for a wonderful celebration!
  • Getting graduated in not sufficient. You owe an amazing treat as well. We will all be waiting for it. But I am still in a shock to know how you got graduated. Well, wish you the best and Congratulations!
  • It is great shock to hear the news that you are now graduated. I thought it was impossible for you as most of the times you were seen out with friends rather than being with books. However, I wish you many congratulations on getting graduated from such a prestigious university!
  • Graduation has prepared you for life. But ruined your liver, credit and reputation. Many congratulations on getting graduated!
  • Getting graduated in college is the best part of life! Where else will your parents would spend many thousand dollars every year just for the sake of letting you go to a strange town and get drunk every night? Anyways, I congratulate you on getting graduated!

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