Graduation Announcement Messages

Graduation simply means an act of advancing in an academic career. It implies achievement of an education degree by a student, graduating in any specified subject, course or a field.

Graduation announcement messages are the messages that can be sent by a graduate to his friends and family members to announce and inform them about the completion of his graduation.

These messages might also be sent by the parents of the graduated students to a desired person to announce their child’s graduation. Such messages can also be sent by an educational institute such as school and colleges to announce graduation of their students.

Sample Graduation Announcement Messages

[blockquote]I feel so proud to announce the graduation of my beloved son. Midst of all the fun, he has always worked hard to rise up to the position one. Send you good wishes to him for his successful future; let us together celebrate his success with a great cheer.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]I have finally completed my graduation in the field that I chose. The chapter of graduation is now closed. I look forward for new endeavours in my life, I wish to celebrate my success with you all in a great excitement and happy surprise.[/blockquote]

  • While chasing my dreams and working hard for a better future, this is to announce to you all that I have acquired a milestone in my career. I want to inform you all that I have successfully completed my graduation with good score.
  • Another chapter of my life has folded with the beautiful colours. I have acquired a graduation degree to advance with my career. This is to announce to you all that I look forward to celebrate my success with you in a great cheer.
  • This is to announce to all the graduates that there is a graduation party on 6th March at Royal’s Garden. Kindly come and mark your success.
  • With a proud heart and in great appreciation, we announce to you about your children’s graduation. You child is a successful graduate now!
  • Dear parents, this message is to inform you that your child has grown up to wear a crown of a graduate. At the moment so great, we take this opportunity to appreciate. You are invited on the graduation party to celebrate success of your child.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I feel so lucky to announce the successful completion of my graduation. It was made possible because of my parent’s guidance and my friend’s motivations.[/notice]

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