Graduation Card Messages for Sister

One of the proudest moments of life is the completion of graduation. Graduation card messages for sister are such messages that are sent from a brother or a sister to his/ her sister to congratulate her on the completion of graduation. These messages are usually sent in the form of cards. The tone of such messages will represent happiness and congratulate the reader and will definitely make her feel proud. Below mentioned messages will give you an idea as to how such messages can be framed.

Sample Graduation Card Messages for Sister

  • The entire family is very proud for what you have achieved today. Being a brother you have made me feel very good and I feel extremely great for having a sister who is well-graduated. Many congratulations to my dearest sister on your graduation!
  • Dear sister, we all are very happy as you have completed your graduation from such a prestigious institution. I definitely need a wonderful party from you. Many congratulations on the success!
  • It’s time for a great celebration my dear sister. I feel so proud to have a sister so bright as you. On the completion of your graduation, I feel very glad for what you have achieved and hope success is always yours for the rest of your life. Congratulations on getting graduated!
  • Getting graduated is an amazing moment and a respectable phase of life. And today, I feel so happy that my sister has earned that respect. Many congratulations to my wonderful sister!
  • I can’t believe my little sister has grown up to be a graduate. This is indeed a splendid moment for all of us. Wish you gain enormous success in the future as well. Many congratulations on getting graduated my sweetest and dearest sister!
  • Getting graduated is a great thing and today my sister has proved to be the greatest by getting graduated. Many congratulations to my sweetest sister on getting graduated!
  • Dear sister, you have reached an amazing milestone and this was possible only because of your immense hard work and dedication. Wish you the best in all phases of life and accept my best wishes on getting graduated!
  • Completing graduation with great marks is in fact a greatest thing. Many congratulations on the success of your graduation my dearest sister!
  • The whole family is very happy to know that my sister is graduated today. Wish you the best and many congratulations on the completion of your graduation!

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