Graduation invitation messages

I am sure that you have worked hard to complete your graduation and when you finally have the degree in your hand, you must be feeling great about it. So this is the time to party and get together with our friends.

To make your day even more joyful you can send invitations so that they feel special as you are inviting them to share your happiness with them.

Sample Graduation invitation messages

[blockquote]Looking at the time when I was not able to sleep as had assignments to complete makes me feel great as my hard work has finally paid. I have been rewarded for those nights as have my graduation degree in my hand.[/blockquote] Your presence will means a lot tome so please come and joining my party and make the day the best day of my life.

[blockquote]I would like to share this day of success with you and not only smile myself but also see one on your face, so please come and make this day the most memorable one for me.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I feel lucky as I got the opportunity to take a new road to success. The one that I was trying to walk down has been rewarding as I am a graduate today. So before I start with a new struggle I would like to make the best out of today. So for me and all my friends who have been able to make it, it’s a party time today and you are invited to join us for the same.[/notice]


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