Graduation Messages for College Students

College students have it super duper hard in excelling through their chosen or forced degree programs due to factors that make them want to quit and just get a job who they think will suffice their future’s daily needs. When they finally graduate, it is only right to congratulate them for college assignments and projects are harder in comparison with the works in lined to their degrees, for there are also minor subjects in which the levels of complexity is three times than that of the major subjects.

If a friend of yours has finally come to this stage then here are sample graduation messages to help you out with congratulating your friend. The messages you find below can also be use as your guide if you wish to create your own graduation message. The tone and the mood for this type of message must be full of enthusiasm and admiration. Rephrasing and rewording of these messages are not prohibited and encouraged if you see the chances of doing so.

  • Hello, Mr. Trevor Roberts, I have witnessed your journey through the misery and I was totally up for it because of reasons that you may never get past it but as soon as you were close to accomplishing your degree I was filled with exhilaration that I failed to contain it. I truly take pride in your smile for I do have my shares in your happiness. My admiration for you is beyond measure and I hope your ready to take on the battles of the real world. Congratulations, best friend, and stay proud.


  • Good day, Ms. Robinson, it is truly an honor to be one of the many witnesses in your grand graduation day. Keeping the sanity through the different levels of hell in college is a task only possible by a very few numbers of students. You have made your family, friends, and us professors proud for graduating with flying colors while not losing your sanity. To see the smile of every professor’s favorite student from across the stage is already a blissful sigh that has satiated our contentment. May your wings spread wider as you take flight in the next stage. Cheers and congratulations for this big achievement.


  • To my most sagacious and courageous, although naughty, child you have my warmest congratulations for passing the hellish exams you took. Truth be told seeing you so calm and so relaxed has vexed me thinking that your enrolling you to college was a huge mistake, but you have disappointed my expectations it would be a lie if I say I’m not happy about it. Not only did you pass but you also get to graduate with honorable and reputable awards. Congratulations once again my son for graduating with awards.


  • Hello, dearest daughter, my sorrows from the memory of you leaving for college is still fresh but the news about your graduation tomorrow has made me the happiest mom ever. I always knew that you can do it and never have I ever doubted my daughter about her talent and skills because you have been well equipped with those right along. This mother’s joy I feel right now cannot be contained and I also know that you are at the extremities of joy for your hard work has finally paid off. Congratulations again, my daughter, please drink moderately in the celebration. Love your, mom.


  • Ms. Turner, as both your teacher and admirer I would like to congratulate you on this day for you will be one of the graduates who will catwalk their way out of this prestigious university in the means of a graduation ceremony. Having you as my student has been life changing for you have also been a teacher of my faults. I reckon I am not the only one who admires the brilliance of that mind of yours but so do the teachers who have handled your courses. Your name is famous in our offices ad it’s  not even a surprise. May your brilliance not be rusted by the wrong and malicious activities once you take part in the world of reality.


  • I would like to dedicate this letter crafted with grandmother’s love to my one and only grandson. Dearest, when I knew that you will be graduating by the end of school year I feared that I was going to die of heart attack for I was extremely happy. I am so proud to have you as my grandchild for not only are you sweet and handsome, but also because you are very bright. My congratulations for you is very heartily like how my love is for you. I’m wishing you all the best and may you come visit me every once in a while.


  • Congratulations, sister, graduating this school year and for being one of the most prided students in your university. I am a little bit jealous and pressured for I know that mom and dad will be expecting a lot from me as well. Jealous in a way that you have finally graduated and would start earning money. You have made us all very gay that our parents have decided to throw a small party despite our financial status. This feat of yours is definitely worth the celebration so may you come home after the graduation ceremony so we can also congratulate you in person. Love, baby brother.


  •  Hello, dearest Lyka, so I just heard that you will be graduating by the end of the school year so please imagine me screaming from the top of my lungs the word CONGRATULATIONS multiple times. It only seemed like yesterday that you were showered with a torrent of hardships and now you can’t get rid of the grin on your face which was present from the hour until now. I am not the individual who is graduating very soon but it feels like I am showered with a share of your happiness that I feel like congratulating myself for being this happy, kidding. I hope the future that lies ahead of you will be resolved without mental breakdowns.

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