Graduation Messages to Parents

Graduation messages to parents are those types of graduation messages which a person writes to his/her parent on the occasion of graduation.

These messages must have an informal tone and must sound happy in nature. One must use them to congratulate his/her parent/parents for graduating and all irrelevant details must be avoided while writing these messages.

You can refer to the following given samples of graduation messages to parents if you are confused about framing them.

Sample Graduation Messages to Parents

  • Today I was so proud of you both when I heard the news of your graduation. Congratulations! Please go ahead with your dreams, we are with you!
  • Studying amidst all the household chores must have been so difficult mom, but you managed everything so perfectly. Today your scores speak volumes about your capability. Congratulations on the graduation degree!
  • The moment I came to know about your graduation passing out news, I cried out of joy as I saw everyday how you woke up all the night to study after getting us to sleep. Congratulations mom!
  • Dad, today you proved that academics have no age, with your success in graduating; we have gathered even more courage to develop our skills and degrees further. Thank you and Congrats!
  • Sitting so far on this special day makes me feel terrible! However, please accept my overjoyed congratulations on your achievement of graduation degree! May you both start a new life of learning and success from today.
  • Books and papers piled up on your desk – this is what I always saw and today when you got the fruit of the hard work dad, I feel so proud and happy! Congratulations, now you can achieve better goals in life.
  • [blockquote]Many congratulations to both my mom and dad for completing graduation together and making us all so proud. Your children love you![/blockquote]
  • Dear mom, I know you have always dreamt of completing college graduation and it has been a difficult journey for you. I feel so proud of you that you have finally made it. Congratulations.
  • Your efforts, hardwork, sincerity and dedication have finally shown colors. You have become a graduate dad and I feel so happy and proud. [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]Congratulations to you.[/highlight]
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Congratulations to my amazing dad for completing his graduation and passing yet another milestone of life. May you enjoy your success with a party and loads of love.[/notice]
  • Well done mom. Congratulations on completing graduation.

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