Graduation Party Invitation Card Messages

Graduation party is a happy and celebrating occasion and graduation party invitation is sent to people who are close to you. Graduation party invitation card messages are such messages that are sent to a friend, family members, teachers and others to share the joyful moment of their life with them.

The tone of such messages should express joy and it should be in such a way that makes them feel special as you are inviting them to share happiness with you. Such messages can be sent through SMS, e-mail, letters or can also be personally sent through cards. The following messages can give you an idea as to how such messages can be framed.

Sample Graduation Party Invitation Card Messages

  • On the graduation day, here’s hoping that you will join our party and raise a toast to our success! Waiting to see you soon!
  • We are happy to invite you to the graduation party and to share our joy of achievement with you! Please come!
  • We have got a new graduate! It is a time to celebrate and please join us in our graduation party to share our joy!
  • It’s graduation party time! Come and join us as we are celebrating our success. Let’s make our party fun and exciting!
  • On a proud graduate today I invite all to be a part of my happiness! Here is an invitation to all my friends to join the grand celebration!
  • I have finally reached my goal, and I am now a proud graduate. It’s time to celebrate with a party, here’s an invitation for all of you to share this wonderful day with me!
  • Come and join with us while we cheer and celebrate our graduation. Wish us luck and success for years to come!
  • On this special day come and join the party to celebrate our success on graduation. Enjoy and add fun to our celebrations!
  • We would like to invite you to our graduation party. Please come and join us to celebrate our success!
  • Now we’ve graduated let’s toss our caps in the air and enjoy the celebration! Join us at our graduation party!
  • Dear friends you are invited to my graduation party on this Sunday. Please be there to share my happiness.
  • My son has become a graduate and it is the time to party. You all are cordially invited to join us on graduation party.

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