Graduation Status Messages

Graduation is the promotion of a student to a successful higher academic level. Graduation simply means conferring an educational degree in a particular subject, course, program or a field.

On completion of one’s graduation, people announce their graduation through messages, quotes and statuses. Graduation status messages are such messages that are set as the status messages by a graduate student so as to celebrate his graduation in a social manner.

These messages are set as the status messages to inform others that you have successfully completed your graduation. The messages are framed in a cheerful and an attractive manner.

Sample Graduation Status Messages

[blockquote]My graduation would surely reap new challenges and new endeavours. I am so happy that now I would step forward for a successful career.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are yet to enter into the new battle field of your life. We are sure that you would be successful in every type of bends and rise. Congratulations dear graduate![/blockquote]

  • After working hard, I have closely reaped the fruits of success. It is time to mark my graduation with great happiness.It is time to mark my graduation with great happiness.
  • Graduation is nothing but working hard over few years to secure your career and future. I feel so glad to call myself as a graduate, I feel so proud on myself this very date.
  • Graduation surely marks new beginning, new life, new hopes, new dreams and altogether a new life. I have successfully completed my graduation raising above all the lows and all the highs.
  • I feel so proud to call myself as a graduate. My graduation would have been incomplete without such helpful mates. I would forever remember my graduation days and my examination dates.[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ] I am a successful graduate![/highlight]
  • With GOD’s grace, I call myself as a graduate. This is such a happy day to embrace. I have studied hard through my graduation phase.
  • Good cheers and many congratulations to the new graduate! This surely calls for a great celebration.
  • Working hard for years and years, you have surely set a milestone for your career. I must congratulate you on your graduation, I look forward for great celebrations.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I had this dream to become a graduate. Today my dream got fulfilled as everyone calls me a successful graduate. Thanks to all my friends for being so supportive![/notice]
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]While chasing my dreams, I have done it! My graduation is finally complete![/notice]

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