Preschool Graduation Messages

Preschool graduation is the kindergarten graduation. Preschool graduation messages are the messages that are sent to kids and their parents at the time of completion of their play school graduation.

These messages must be written in a simple manner so that a child may understand it. The messages are framed short and precise and are sent at the time of preschool graduation.

Sample Preschool Graduation Messages

[blockquote]Our little shining stars would be transferred to their primary schools. We are so glad to announce that your child is a preschool graduate now. Congratulations to you and your child. We are here to assist you with all the primary school details and information.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]We take this kind opportunity to congratulate every parent and to celebrate this happy moment. We congratulate you and your little one since he is a preschool graduate. Your kid is surely a blessing in your life, we wish you all the best for his future and we hope that he continue to rise. Congratulations on his preschool graduation.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]We all have gathered today to celebrate the preschool graduation of all our little shining kids. Let me take this kind opportunity to congratulate every parent present here for the kindergarten graduation of their child. We wish you all the best for their future.[/blockquote]

  • Our little stars are growing and shining! We would like to congratulate the parents for the graduation of their little one. We hope that our preschool has gifted your kid with moments of happiness, love and fun. It is the time to celebrate; our little children are the preschool graduates!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]It is the time when your little children can shine. With their tiny steps, they can now be called as the preschool graduates. We all have gathered here to celebrate. We congratulate each parent present here, May your child continue to blossom in future.[/notice]
  • Heartiest congratulations on the preschool graduation of your child. You are requested to kindly mark your presence, this Sunday, as we celebrate the graduation ceremony with joy and happiness. We wish you all the best for your child’s primary schooling. Once again wishing you congratulations and good luck.
  • Kindly consider that the preschool graduation ceremony of your kid would be celebrated this Sunday. Kindly mark your presence to play with your little graduate and celebrate the success. Congratulations for the same!
  • Congratulations! Your child is a preschool graduate! Good wishes for his primary schooling.

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