Short Graduation Messages

Graduation messages can be any type of messages that are related to graduation such as congratulating on graduation, motivational graduation etc.

Short graduation messages are such type of messages that are framed short and precise and are sent to students at the time of their graduation. These are not the lengthy messages but are written in a short and an impressive way.

Sample Short Graduation Messages

  • Hearty congratulations to the youngest graduate in our family. You have made all of us proud with your success.
  • Finally all the hard work that you have put in has given fruits in the form of your graduation. All the very best to you for all your future endeavors.
  • I am so proud of you on this day when you have completed graduation with flying colors. May you always be successful in your life.
  • At last the day for celebrations has arrived after the long toil of graduation. So two cheers to the graduate who has crossed all odds to attain this today. Hearty congratulations.
  • We are so glad that you have successfully completed your graduation and made your parents proud. Best of luck to you.
  • We wish that success always touches your feet where this graduation degree you have acquired today is just the beginning.
  • Wishing you good luck and also hearty congratulations on this accomplishment that you have attained today. Congratulation on being a graduate.
  • You have proved that you are an able learner by securing this top graduate position in your university. Best wishes for all your future plans.
  • Congrats on this remarkable achievement you have made in your education path. May you get many more such success in future too.

[blockquote]Congratulations to all the graduates present here! You have shown your true skills and talents to us today. Good luck for your higher studies.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]On your graduation, we expect that you will continue to maintain a healthy relationship with this institute. You will be informed about the functions and the alumni parties. Congratulations to you on your graduation and good luck for your career prospects.[/blockquote]

  • Before you start your graduation, let me take this opportunity to wish you good luck. Please let me know if I could be of any help to you during the course of your graduation. Good luck and study well.
  •  [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Your actual life starts after the completion of your graduation. We at our institute promise to support and guide you in every possible way. All the best and come out with flying colours.[/notice]

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