Sincere Graduation Card Messages for Son

Graduations are events we surely don’t want to miss out just to see the happy faces of students who have successfully made it in their stressful scholastic hours. If your son will be graduating this year from his academic struggles, then you might want to compose a message to congratulate him for this achievement.

This articles suggest eager readers to add these sample messages in creating their very own graduation messages. This can serve as a guideline or as a basis should you have any difficulties in the process of doing so. To set the proper tone and to deliver these messages heartily, it is important to be careful in choosing the right words and constructing the perfect phrases. The tone should be enthusiastic and joyful to show how proud you are in one of your sons greatest achievement.

  • ¬†Hello there, buddy, as your father I really take pride in your achievements and would like to congratulate you for acing all of your exams with results worth the celebration. I have never been more so proud of you since the day that you were born for I felt you were destined to for greatness. Thank you so much for making me the proudest father in the universe.
  • Son, from the day you took your first breath I knew right then you were going to make me proud, so far this has been the proudest I’ve been in my entire life for your hard work has finally paid off. I only wished for you to graduate, but instead you graduated with flying colors. Congratulations, son!
  • Here is the biggest congratulations to my not so baby boy anymore! Growing up without mom sure is hard but I’m glad you were able to understand that I have to work abroad just to provide the needs of everyone in the house. My heart breaks at the thought of being absent in your graduation so I pleaded the CEO of the company to grant me a leave from the company for the whole month just to see everyone again, especially you! See you in two days.
  • My heart rejoiced in ecstasy when you announced you were going to graduate with honors, my son. Your daddy and I have been grinning like idiots announcing your milestone to the neighborhood, and they too were so happy for you. Please don’t go home late tomorrow for we have to shop around to buy you fancy clothes. Congratulations, my son, having you as a child has made us the happiest parents ever.
  • My boy, congratulations for your stressful scholastic struggles have finally come to an end. Get your engines up and running so that you’ll be ready to take part in the commonly feared “real world”.
  • As a single father I have witnessed all of your struggles and you even have the tendency to hide those academic issues away from me for fears of being scolded. I know all of this for I am your dad and am glad that you have finally opened up to me just in the perfect time. I would like to express to you the most sincere form of a father’s gratitude for doing the best you can throughout your college life. Hearing that you will be graduating in five days makes me so excited. Congratulations, son! Love, dad.

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