Birthday Greeting Messages for Coworkers

Birthdays are one of the most special events that happen in someone’s life and be it a friend, family or a coworker, it is very important to share their happiness together. So the next time one of your coworker has his or her birthday, try to wish them with joy.

Maybe leave a card with a message on their desk right before they enter, to make them feel happiness even if it is in a work environment. Besides, it also helps to improve the relationship between you and your colleagues. So here, are some beautiful messages that you can share with your colleagues on their birthday.

  • Your birthday is like a promise, that you have your entire life ahead of you. More plans to make, more games to play, more goals to set, more dreams to see come true. Happy Birthday dear.
  • It’s your birthday, so sit tight, calm down, relax and keep you pens away. But, that should be easy for you, just pretend, you are at work. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the most professional person and a great friend to me. You deserve to be happy on this special day. Happy Birthday.
  • I am grateful to life that I found a playmate even at work. I am grateful to you that you make every day of work play for me. And so, you deserve the best birthday gifts ever!
  • [notice noticeType=”alert” ]You are a role model to me and the rest of the colleagues. We all admire your strength and dedication to the work. Wish you all the luck, Happy Birthday.[/notice]
  • Lots of people have the ability to transform an office into a professional workplace, but very few have to ability to transform an office into our home. Be proud of the ability you hold. Happy Birthday.
  • Dedication and love for what you are doing helps catalyze the finishing of a job, this I learnt from you. So this time let me catalyze your birthday by giving you the first birthday bump!
  • When the new employees have their orientation programs, they shouldn’t be lectured for hours and hours of how to be a perfect employee. They should just meet you. Happy Birthday on that account.
  • Almost everybody stand by you when you are flying high to cheer you. But very few stand by you when you stumble down to help you. You are one of the few who do that. Thank you and a very happy birthday to you. Have a blast!
  • Best wishes to my amazing colleague who removes the blues out of Monday morning and adds a spark to the Friday night dreams. Enjoy!
  • [blockquote]Some colleagues prove you wrong even when you are right, and some colleague prove you right even when you are right. Thank You for having my back, brother. And Happy Birthday.[/blockquote]
  • My job has tones of benefit. Being on your team is one of the Best. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

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