Birthday Greeting Messages to Brother

Birthday messages to brother should express the love and affection felt towards the sibling and should be warm and sincere in tone. Messages to brother may be worded in a humorous way to show the easy playfulness and camaraderie felt towards him, or it could be written on a more serious tone to express the respect for him.

Here are a few messages that can be shared with a brother to wish him on his birthday.

  • We have fought and we have played, we have snatched things from each other and we have shared. On this special day that Mom and Dad brought you home long time ago, let me remind you that you have been my best friend. Have a rollicking birthday and save the biggest piece of the cake for me my little brother.
  • The day you were born made me realize the meaning of mixed feelings, as I hated mom loving you and yet loved the small bundle of warmth that you were. Today on your birthday, I would like to tell you that you have been the most wonderful gift mom gave to me. Happy Birthday my sweet brother!
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]May this birthday bring for you all the joys of the world together with the coming true of all dreams you have ever dreamt. A very happy birthday to my dearest brother![/notice]
  • Dear brother, I have started missing you so much that it is time now to meet and remind ourselves of our differences. Let us meet together on your birthday and remind ourselves how much we hated each other before you went off. Tell me where the birthday party is and share old memories over a drink.
  • You have been a source of inspiration throughout all my growing years and I feel privileged to have you as my big brother. All the girls in my class add the word handsome to the list of qualities I have for you. Happy Birthday to my handsome big brother!
  • I have shared my deepest secrets with you and laughed and cried with you late into the night. My dearest brother, you have been my best friend. Now that I have told you all the good things that you wanted to hear, be sure to share all your birthday gifts with me and take me for a party after all this is over. Happy Birthday!
  • [blockquote]I could choose my friends and my entertainment. I chose you as my best friend and a fight over the last cookie as my entertainment. Happy Birthday brother! Tonight we will fight over the last bit of cake after the guests have left.[/blockquote]
  • A very Happy Birthday and warm wishes for a Wonderful Birthday. May each day of the next year be more successful for you than the last. God bless you my brother!
  • My dear brother you have been the best friend I could ever have and on this special day let me wish you the very best of everything that life can offer. A very Happy Birthday to my lovely brother!

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