Engagement Greeting Card Messages

Engagement greeting card messages are the messages that are sent to convey your good luck wishes and greetings to the couple on their engagement.

These messages are sent to bless the couple for their merrier future.

The messages can be sent by the friends, family members, relatives etc, on the engagement ceremony. The messages can also be sent along with an engagement gift, flowers, etc.

Sample Engagement Greeting Card Messages

[blockquote]The news of your engagement has filled me with lots of joys and excitement. I am looking forward for your wedding so that we can have unending enjoyment. On such an auspicious occasion, I am sending my blessings and greetings on your way; I just wish that the love between both of you forever stay.  [/blockquote]Have a blessed life.

[blockquote]Your engagement day will fill you with happiness and love in the life ahead. I am sure that you must be excited for the day when you are going to wed. May you be surrounded with lots of love and happiness, may you mark the moments of togetherness. Congratulations on your engagement and have a blessed future. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]I am so happy to hear that my little sister has grown up to chose a partner. I am sure that this engagement will fill her life with happiness that would last forever. I am looking forward for your wedding day, we are sure that the day would be filled with joy, excitement and cheer. GOD bless the beautiful pair. [/blockquote]

  • As you are going to unite in the bond of matrimony, we wish you good luck for your upcoming life. We are sure that you are going to be an awesome wife. May the love between you and your loved one never die, may you always achieve great heights. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]You both make a wonderful pair. May your bond be blessed with forever love and care. As you are embarking towards the new journey of your life, I wish you good luck for the upcoming surprises. Congratulations on your wedding.[/notice]
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You and your partner are surely made for each other. It feels so good to see you both happy together. Since it is your engagement day, we are sending our love and blessings on your way. Congratulations![/notice]
  • We wish to heartily congratulate the couple on their engagement. We are sure that future would be filled with lots of joys and excitement. GOD bless!

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