Funny Phone Greeting Messages

Funny phone greeting messages is usually seen in text or emails when sent by friends, families or colleagues that put a smile into their face. These messages are famous in younger generations as they become more creative and genuine in creating instant messages that grabs the attention of the receiver especially when it is tremendously humorous.


It is composed of few words but had a lot of meaning on it. Many will choose to put some emoticons or pictures on it to make the message a lot stylish and easily comprehended.  This is useful when couple wants to admire his/her partner and wants to put a smile to him/her. Here is a sample:

  • You remember when you still courting your girl? That’s the motivation you need when you are married to her now
  • If I were a pencil I will be your eraser so every time you make a mistake I will be here to correct it.
  • When I dream of you, I would like to just stay because it’s more real than waking up.
  • Many looks for riches but they don’t know that emptiness is a security because you don t have something to loose
  • If there is a million steps to take to go into the top, there will be a quick step for downfall
  • the son asks his father about the cost of marrying a woman, the dad replied “I’m still paying it”
  • remember that if they are disgusted to you because you are different, remember that a diamond is more worth than the rubbles around them
  • What does a tortoise tell to a turtle? “Didn’t you come out from your shell?”
  • Why does a skeleton cannot play on an orchestra? Because they have no organs
  • Be proud if your body is curvy and your face has wrinkles on it, you put a lot of effort having it.
  • When a man in hell call her wife and ask what the payment is, the devil said “hell to hell call is free”
  • Being old doesn’t mean you can’t come back from your childhood; you’re being cared, your being feed, bathed and clothed for a long time the difference is the latter is just the end of the line.
  • What is the name of the man that the dog barks on? “Raff, raff, raff”
  • Why does the pelican hate eating in the restaurant? Because he had a very big bill!

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