Funny Retirement Greetings Messages

Retirement is a moment that brings a mixed feeling – the person starts missing the workplace that he fussed about everyday and on the contrary is also excited about the upcoming days that will be full of leisure, vacationing and fun. Messages that come from friends and well wishers on such a day is welcomed whole heartedly and if its tickled with an element of fun you are sure to see a bright grin on the face of the recipient. Here are some funny retirement greetings messages that will make the ‘good bye’ moment cheerful

Sample Funny Retirement Greetings Messages

  • We will miss your lunch box; make sure to parcel us on weekends! Please have a healthy and happy retired life or else we will bring you back to this office!
  • Your wife will now have a reason to shout all day long without any break.Good luck to her and good wishes to you for a ‘peaceful’ retired life!
  • Don’t ever think of forgetting us as we will quite often disturb your romantic evenings and grab you away from your wife! Happy retirement my friend; we will miss you!
  • My sister was getting bored in home, how perfect timing is this when you will accompany her in her shopping sprees and I will be relived! Happy retirement bro-in-law!
  • Dad, you earned enough till date – now it’s time for you to hand over the credit card to us and relax at home with mom. Greetings for your retirement!
  • The Gods have been missing you so much at the temples; now no need to bunk your office and peep into prayer meetings – you can spend the whole day in temples my ‘divine’ sister! Happy retirement!
  • Retirement means a lot of fun, going back to the youth days, fishing, vacationing, hiking, and musical concerts…..don’t even think of lying and reading books. You are surely not that old! Happy retirement dude!
  • Finally, my bachelor friend now you are the king of your own heart and soul. Go for a long drive and tell me if you need a girlfriend. Happy retirement!
  • Trust me, the retired life will give you much more happiness that what the office files and mere promotions gave you. It’s that ‘peace’ of mind that you get behind the doors my friend! Greetings for your retirement!
  • The office will lose a nutty mind, Alas! This was not your age I swear as you surely haven’t reached the maturity of 60 years!! However …happy retirement, I envy you!

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