Good Luck Greeting Messages

Good luck greeting messages are the good luck wishes that are sent to wish good luck to people for special occasion in their life. These are the greetings that can be sent to your friends, colleagues, family members or to any one close to your heart. These greetings should have motivational words which should come as a cheerful wish to the receiver. These messages can be sent on various occasions like examination, job interview, entrance and others. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Good Luck Greeting Messages

  • Enjoy the happiness which comes quietly like a butterfly and sit on you when you stand still without getting agitated.  Stop chasing it; it will eventually come after you. Good Luck!!
  • The success is the outcome of the hard work and you can always grab it without any fear. Your commitment and dedication will show you a destiny which will be filled with happiness and harmony.
  • Good Luck signifies that you must work hard. To keep the ship sailing you have to keep rowing it, so carry on the good work and victory will follow you wherever you go.
  • All the best for your exams, the good luck message should motivate you to strive hard and explore your fullest potential. You have always been an achiever and triumph will be your follower wherever you go.
  • No explanation is required for a Good Luck. So enjoy your luck and keep doing good work, all the best for a brighter future.
  • Care for all of them who share with you, Share with them who love you, Love them who pray for you and pray for them who wish for you. Good luck and warm wishes enjoy every moment of your beautiful life.
  • You have always been inspiring others with your commitment and dedications towards achieving the goals of the life.  May you always keep shining like this and the light of your good luck must guide others on the correct path.
  • Life has never been a bed of roses for most of us, but strivers like you can make every dream come true in spite of all the adversities and complexities of life. Good Luck to you.
  • Good Luck to my dear friend on the new journey of life. May all the success of the world fall upon you and all the happiness of the world must keep following you.

[blockquote]Good luck and all the best for your upcoming exams. It is with hard work, sincerity and perseverance that you can manage to succeed. Study with utmost concentration, enjoy your success and mark the celebration. Good luck. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]Early this morning, I wish to send my good luck greetings. May each day welcomes newer opportunities, may you gather courage to fight with every difficulty. Good luck. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]We wish to convey our good luck greetings to you for your new set of responsibilities. We wish you all the best for your newer opportunities. We are sure that you are going to be at the top of the list, overcoming all the difficulties. All the best for your employment. [/blockquote]

  • May you always prosper in your life, may you do great things so that you achieve new heights. Every day is a new beginning, may your life be filled with divine blessings. We wish you good luck for your career prospects.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We wish to take a moment to send our good luck wishes on your way. These wishes are being sent so that you mark successful days. Always learn to live high spirited, may your days be fun-filled. Good luck![/notice]
  • As you are going to embark on the new journey of your life, we wish you all the best for your upcoming life. May you achieve happiness in whatever you do, may all your dreams come true. We all love you, all the best for the dreams that you intend to pursue.
  • Good luck, we are sure of your success. Give your best so that you can return with great happiness. Stay blessed!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]As you have passed one year of your togetherness, I wish you good luck for many such moments of happiness. May the love between both of you never die, may you always stay happy and blessed in your life. Good luck![/notice]

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