Greeting Card Farewell Messages

Greeting card farewell messages are messages that are sent for bidding adieu to a person for various reasons. These messages can be sent to loved ones, friend, and family members or even acquaintances. They can carry mixed emotions, say love, sadness worry or even happiness. Some of them are listed below.

SampleĀ Greeting Card Farewell Messages

  • Everyone has a goal towards life, every one chases the dreams not many achieve their goals and makes their dream come true. Even though you are moving far away from me, I am happy to see you attain success in your endeavors.
  • We come into the world for a purpose, sometimes we will have to leave the place without fulfilling our dreams, but remember in the mean time there are wonderful memories of us being created. Others will treasure them.
  • Morning college blues, midnight ice cream shops, evening tea and all the time we have spent together will be fresh in my mind. Even though you are going for good, I really miss you.
  • What goes around will come back is what they say; I wish you will get back to us soon. Miss you my dear son.
  • Not everyone is happy about leaving the world with lot of wishes that are yet to come true, I deeply appreciate your preparedness and assure you that you will be missed and remembered.
  • It is great to meet fantastic people, and it is even greater to part them with lot of good memories and learningā€™s. Join us at the farewell party as we bid adieu to our seniors.
  • A colleague can be a source of knowledge, epitome of perfectness, inspiration to succeed. I am thankful to have had such a wonderful colleague, who will be definitely missed. Thanks a ton for your support.
  • I might talk something, she might talk another thing, and all of us tell the same thing that you will be missed.
  • The stars in sky can be counted but the happiness you have spread among us cannot be counted. You were a part of us every time and everywhere. We are carrying your memories all the way.
  • You will be missed for your pun, sarcasm and practical jokes during very serious discussions. You will be missed at office, wish you a great journey ahead.
  • The best thing about saying a good bye, is wishing good for the other person as we tell them bye!

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