Greeting Card Messages for Daughter

Joy of parenting is often unexpressed. Expressing the love and happiness strengthens the bond between the child and parent. Greeting card messages for daughter are ways of expressing love, blessing and parent’s luck in having such a wonderful daughter. These messages allow a parent to show their fondness of the daughter.

Sample Greeting Card Messages for Daughter

  • When you were one we held your hands to make you walk, when you were two we taught you how to talk, now when you are 20 we are still thinking about the wonderful moments with you round the clock.
  • Prayed God to fill my heart with love, he gave me your father. I prayed god again to complete my life and seal it with happiness and peace, he gave us you my dear daughter.
  • Looking back today dearest daughter on the joy and happiness you have brought along into our life, there are no words I could ever put together. Thanks for making our life very meaningful.
  • World was happy filled with lots of love, but suddenly you came gave our life a meaning, reason, excitement, life to our lives. You are such a wonderful daughter.
  • We were there, living happily, enjoying life’s small pleasures, and then you came crawling and giggling giving us joy that can never be measured.
  • It’s a wonderful feeling to see a daughter walk by herself, learn by herself, chase her dreams, and make all our wishes come true. It is truly a blessing to have a daughter like you.
  • There can be many daughters in this world, but for us everything in the world is you. We give you the best things we could ever offer and wish you strength to make your dreams come true. Our love is always with you.
  • Wish you celebrate many more birthdays like this, how many every birthdays come and go, you will always be our little angel.
  • It is your smile that makes our day, your happiness that means everything, even if we do not say, and so on such an awesome day; we both wish you a very happy birthday.
  • From the day you came into our life, there were joy untold, happiness double fold, and many more lessons we learnt, thanks for making our life a gist, dear daughter.
  • You were the source of our happiness, reason for living our life, making each day a very special one.

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