Greeting Card Messages for Friendship

Friendship, like any other relationship can be expressed in many ways. Greeting card messages for friendship are one of the ways for expressing the feeling of being close to a person. They can carry lot of emotions like gratefulness, happiness, void etc.

Sample Greeting Card Messages for Friendship

  • If two friends enjoy the togetherness, without talking to each other also, then that is what called as true friendship.
  • Not realizing how close you become with that person, and unconsciously wanting to confide the deepest of secrets to that special person, is the beginning of a true friendship.
  • A true friend is a person whom you rely on, confide in, cry for and laugh with.
  • Friendship is that you find a person with whom you feel as comfortable and secured as you feel around the four wall of your sweet home.
  • The gift of friendship always comes when unasked and when you are selfless. That gift is so precious.
  • Often we don’t realize how we depend on a friend for selecting our things, sharing our secrets revealing our fears and following our dreams. We realize only when we stay away from them.
  • When we find out there is one friend waiting to cheer us when we fall, party with us for our success, and console us every time we cry, life is bliss.
  • Some of the greatest things in life are to listen to music, get wet in rain, relaxation with nature at its best, true love, and enjoying all this with a friend like you.
  • Life is very rewarding to people who care for others. The best reward one can get is a true friendship.
  • As precious as an oceans treasure a true friendship is a blessing beyond measure.
  • Life filled with joy, beauty and peace can be yours if you have a wonderful friend by your side.
  • The heart is miles apart, but the friendship we share can never depart.
  • You can walk, run, cry, and laugh till the end, if you have with you a very good friend.
  • Adding fun times as little sweetness, mixing it with salty and teary fights, baking it with so much love and topping it with a cream of trust is the perfect recipe you are looking for to bake good friendship.
  • Someone to laugh at when life presents moments of embarrassment, and cry for during the toughest times, is that someone whom I call a friend, and that is you!

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