Greeting Card Messages for Girlfriend

There are many kinds of messages that are exchanged between a girlfriend and a boyfriend. These messages can be sent in many ways such as through sms messages, email messages, greeting card messages etc.

Greeting card messages for girlfriend are the love filled messages that are sent by a boyfriend to his girlfriend to shower love.

These messages can be sent during the holiday season to send holiday greetings to your girlfriend or can be sent on any occasion. The messages can also be general love greeting messages. Some samples of these are given below.

Sample Greeting Card Messages for Girlfriend

[blockquote]Birthday greetings for the love of my life. May all your dreams come true and you land up in great heights. Your birthday is a blissful day to tell you how deeply I love you, to me, you are a dream come true. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]Please accept the love filled greetings that are being sent your way. I wish to wish you good luck for your successful days, Dearest love, I wish to see you happy always, for your success, I will always pray. Good luck and I love you. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]It feels so great to send birthday greetings for the love of your life. I wish your birthday fills you with endless happiness and blessed surprises. I wish you have a blessed birthday, birthday greetings are sent your way. Happy Birhtday! [/blockquote]

  • Please accept my greetings for the day. It showers my love to you in the most romantic way. The greetings makes a promise that we will continue to love each other always, may the feelings of happiness and togetherness forever stays. I love you.
  • Please accept my greetings, filled with love. You are my girlfriend, a person sent from GOD above. The day you entered my life was the best day, I love you in my purest way.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I am sending holiday greetings for my beloved girlfriend. After months of efforts, I was to see her enjoy till the end. You mean a lot to me, being with you is a best to be. I love you darling, happy holidays.[/notice]
  • Not just my girlfriend, I see you as my life partner. You have always filled my life with happiness and cheers. I wish to take a moment to thank you for everything that you have done; being with you is a reason of happiness and fun. I love you.


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