Greeting Messages for Husband

Husband is the one person you can lean on anytime in life, the person you spend your life with sharing all that you have and all that you got. There are so many occasion that a wife shares with her husband.

The greeting messages are the messages which are meant for any such moment/ occasion in life and can be written in the greeting cards. A few sample messages are being given below for convenience of all in need.

Sample Greeting Messages for Husband

  • Dear husband you are the best part of my life and you are the one that makes it worth living. I love you so, so much. Happy Valentine’s Day dear husband.
  • This goes out to the best husband in the world- many, many happy returns to the day babe. Happy, happy birthday, I can’t wait to grow old with you and share all the life experiences we have. Kisses.
  • To the world’s most rocking, most handsome and the greatest husband. Being with you makes me whole and there is nothing more I want than to spend every such occasion with you. Happy Anniversary dear hubby.
  • You, you make my dreams come true. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You make my dreams come true. Rightly sung. It is true, you are the one who makes all my dreams come true and I can never imagine my life without you. Thanks for being there, love you and happy anniversary.
  • Love is the best feeling in the world, and I could feel it only because of you. You complete me and I know I will always have you no matter what happens in life. You are the one I can always lean on. I love you very much baby and this is just to let you know just how much.
  • Dear David, you are such a great husband that words fall short of truly expressing it. My life has become a thousand times better, much better than I ever could imagine, since you’ve walked into it. I love you so much, all the best baby.
  • You are the rainbow to my sky, the waves to my ocean, the spices to my curry and the lime to my limelight. In short you are everything and all the things that are good about me and this life now and forever. Love you baby, congrats on the big promotion and I know you will do great.

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