Greeting Messages for Twins

Twins are a lovable sight to behold and when they come at your place the event should be grand and welcoming. Greeting messages for twins are such messages that can be sent to the twins on their birthday, visit to home and such other happy occasions. These messages can also be sent to the parents of the twin babies when they are just born.

Such messages can be sent in the form of text messages, cards, email and such other mediums by parents, relatives, friends and various other people who are very close to heart. The tone of such messages will depict happiness, affection, love and bestow blessings. Below mentioned are messages that can be sent in the form of greeting to twins.

Sample Greeting Messages for Twins

  • Wishing you a year full of blessings, double the joy and lots of fun. Happy birthday to two wonderful kids!
  • Double the joy, double the love and of course double the warm hugs. All sent your way to wish you both a very happy birthday!
  • It’s time for double celebrations! Hope you feel the joy and delight this special day brings to you. Happy birthday to the brilliant two!
  • Sending heartfelt greetings and wishing you two an equal share of happiness and fond memories for your birthdays. Happy birthday to the amazing two little people!
  • The best things in life come in pairs, like you two. Here’s wishing the two of you a birthday that’s doubly fun!
  • It’s double Bonanza! Happy birthday wishes to my wonderful twin brothers!
  • My two little princes have made my life worth living. On this special day your grandma wishes you a great day and hope you live long life!
  • This is to my two little darlings who have been wonderful companions to me this vacation. Your grandpa was waiting all these days for your presence. I welcome you both home and hope to have an amazing time with you two!
  • I still remember the day when my two little stars were born. You both made my life wonderful. I am very happy to be a proud mom. Wish you a great birthday my little ones!
  • What a bundle of joy! Here comes double the fun, double the joy, double the diapers and double the noise! Congratulations!
  • On the arrival of your two little angels, I wish them immense love and blessings. May the good Lord bless your family with loads of fun.
  • Congratulations on the competitive evolutionary advantage you have gained by having twins.
  • This is to the amazing two little pumpkins and I wish you good health and prosperity on the special occasion of your birthday!

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