Greeting Messages for Uncle

The relationship between an uncle and nephew or niece is known to be a cordial one. Greeting messages for uncle can be sent on various occasions like come back from trips, birthday, wedding celebrations, wedding anniversary and such other celebrations. Niece, nephew and various other kids who are close to the heart of an uncle will usually send such messages.

The tone of such messages will usually depict happiness and welcome the uncle with love and warmth. Below mentioned messages can give you an idea as to how such messages can be framed in the best way.

Sample Greeting Messages for Uncle

  • You held my arm, when I was alone. You gifted me with wonderful moments in life. A guide so dear, a father figure. Uncle, wish you a happy birthday!
  • I feel so nice to have someone like you in my life.  Someone who has always been affectionate and kind. Someone who has never been out of reach. Happy birthday dear uncle!
  • I grew up looking at you. Your style, your elegance, I admired you all through.  Uncle you are just great. Happy birthday!
  • May you be blessed with sweetness, glow of happiness, be endowed with precious gifts and a happy long life. Happy birthday uncle!
  • Uncle, I hope aunt is as great as you. Wish you a great and wonderful married life!
  • I am very happy that my uncle is back from a wonderful trip. Hope you had the best time with aunt!
  • To me you are more than an uncle. You are truly a great friend; someone I could pour my thoughts out to knowing you will cherish them to the end. Happy married life my dear uncle!
  • God is so kind to me for giving an uncle who is filled with the best laughter and mischief. Happy birthday my dear uncle! Hope you live this day in the best way!
  • To my partner in crime, thank you for giving me your time. We may spend it to do some mischief to play. But it will always be worthy at the end of the day. Happy birthday uncle!
  • This is to let you know that are a wonderful person dear uncle. On your wedding anniversary, I wish you and the aunt life full of happiness and joy.
  • Dear uncle, I hope you have got me a lot of gifts from the last trip and hope the trip was a great one. Welcome back!

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