Hilarious Greeting Messages for Ex

Greeting messages are sent to everyone if you would want to greet someone with your creativity. These messages are sent intentionally to make someone’s day good, or poison the early hours of their day, well that is if you wish to greet someone whom you extremely despise. If you continue to read the text in this article then your talent in making someone’s day unpleasant will surely develop into a degree so vast that you’ll be astounded by how natural you are in learning this.

Sample greeting messages for your ex are offered here in this article (we can only imagine your growing excitement) for free that you may use at your “convenience”. The sample messages you find below are subjects for changes if you see there is a need in doing the deed by means of rephrasing and rewording so that your ex will sense your presence by just reading the message– what better way to spoil his or her day than reminding her how lucky you are that you got away from the reach of a toxic person. If it happens that you will be changing the words and some phrases, or wish to compose your own for the purpose of being unique, then you would need to be very careful in choosing your words so that you will not fail in your role as a harm bringer by delivering the impact that you would want to impose in his or her bright day. The tone can be sarcastic and contemptuous. This type of message can be sent through sms text messages, social media sites, or in a form of letter if you feel like being formal in your prank.

  • Good morning! you have just won a million dollars for being the easiest lay in town out of the thousand easy lays. Here’s your chance to prove your worthless worth, simply visit your best friends house tomorrow at twelve noon to discover your current boyfriend’s dirty secrets or pants. You won’t really win a million dollars, but tomorrow lunch time would be worth a million dollar sighting. Have a very good day.


  • What liquor did I take that made me court you? Surely that was an awful one for it made me drunk for ten months time. You are the reason why I stopped hanging out with my friends and, thus, abstain from the inviting alcohol because I don’t want to be ever in love with someone as worthless as you. It really is super shocking to find out that someone like me was head over heels in love with you. Thank the Almighty God now that I am sober. The alcohol session that I last attended before being with you was the worst and I wish it would never happen again– and before I forget my hangover has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.


  • We would like to congratulate your for your stupidity has gone past the scale of the average stupid! You should be proud to be informed that there is something that you really excel in life and that’s stupidity. You no longer have to brag about it for everyone already knows this. Losing me made people consider you the most imbecilic specie on earth for you cheated with me over someone who you thought was a true lover. Good luck with your hell ahead, may you continue to stumble in your awful life.


  • Don’t you think it is a very wonderful day to make an animal you despise the most to ruin their day, well I think today is the right day for me. I know you are so fond of trivia and surprises so I have one for you: a stick of spaghetti remains straight until it gets wet. What are the other things that no longer becomes straight when they get wet? Your boyfriend. Surprise! If you think I’m joking ask him on a scale of one to ten how good of a lover am I.


  • I can only imagine what a life stupid people lead and wonder even further how deep the depths of their stupidity is. This kind of thinking has lead me to a point where my research is about the study stupid people and my research methodology requires volunteers who are members of society’s shallow thinkers or thinking deprived people. If you could just do me a small favor and be one of these volunteers that would be awesome.  I’ll be expecting you and your thinking deprived brain tomorrow. See you.


  • I have seen you in the halls of the university looking so depressed. It it obvious that the reason for your agony is the breakup that you have recently experienced from the most worthy boyfriend who have done all the things for you whom you to chose to trade with an ugly guy just because of the hormones that you can’t control. I wish you get  more depressed and depressed each day from thinking all about this that you will come to a point how less your worth is as a human. May you walk the highways of hell endlessly.


  • Who would have ever thought that a girl so innocent looking as you would posses such a hormone comparable to a succubus’. Good morning or should I say mourning to you, for seeing you mourn over the loss of love for me is a sight that I am savoring. You should know the pleasures of seeing someone like you living in misery, for you deserve that as I deserve someone who is so much greater than you. You don’t have to realize your worth anymore because everyone can tell how worthless you are. Good morning, again.


  • Mornings are always better when you see the person you despise the most in trouble. Besides greeting you a very good morning, I would like to thank you for making my better by being miserable in your life. May your misery live long enough so that I will be more entertained with the mess that is you.

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