Love Greeting Messages

Love greeting messages are the messages that are sent to loved ones with lot of affection and care. They can either be sent to girlfriend, spouse, parents and fiancé or among friends also. They are sent to convey emotions, and as a token of love. The love greeting messages are a way of expressing ones heart.

Sample Love Greeting Messages

  • Life is love and love is life. By this I tell you that you are my love and you are my life.
  • Mom it is you who has offered me this gift of life, I thank you for being with me always and cheering me for every step I take and move forward.
  • We are far apart, but your memories can never part. Every day I wake up, counting the days when we come together, and lead the blessed life forever. You are deeply loved and definitely missed.
  • It does not matter how you look, how you walk and talk, all that matters is how your loved one see’s you. It is all in the heart, where only the loved one reaches.
  • True love is when we are willing to share and take care, we are willing to compromise and promise, when we are willing to live and let live. I am thankful for finding that love in you. Have a great day my love.
  • When you are in love you might feel hot and cold at the same time, you might watch same things multiple times, even the noise around you may sound wind chimes, and everything around you becomes musical.
  • It is an assurance to make each other’s life beautiful, and happier. It’s a bond that can strengthen our relationship.
  • It’s a nice feeling that love and draw you both closer even when the whole world is yours. Happy to see you being in love.
  • Standing in crowd amidst so many people, suddenly you smile, thinking about one special person, that special person has all the power to change your life. And that special person can offer you the best things in life.
  • Not biased with the circumstance, if the heart truly believes in love, it will not let go of love. Love is falling in love with a person even without expecting anything in return.
  • Time is same, but perceived to be too slow for a person who is with loved ones, too fast for people who are together, too short for people who celebrate success and too lengthy for people who are separated. Miss you!

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