Miss You Greeting Messages

Whenever we miss someone, it is important for us to let them know about our feelings and thoughts. The best way to express these feelings is through a message which can be sent by the means of a greeting card.  A miss you greeting message is thus a kind of a message which is written in a ‘miss you’ greeting card and sent by the means of mail or email.

These messages must be able to express the emotions of the sender effectively. For the reference of all, a few samples of miss you greeting messages have been provided below.

Sample Miss You Greeting Messages

Miss You Greeting Messages

[blockquote]Every day and every night, I miss you and want to hold you tight;

My days are incomplete without you, my nights are a plight;

So come back to me sweetheart and make me alright.

I miss you a lot and wish to get back with you.[/blockquote]

  • Dear mom, ever since I have taken admission into the hostel, I am missing you and dad a lot. I will try to come back home as soon as my vacations begin and then we can be together like always.
  • Missing someone has never been more difficult for me as it is when I miss you. We are apart by distance but in my heart you always reside.
  • I miss you more than anybody has missed anyone else before. I want to make you happy and decrease this distance between us. I am coming back soon so wait for me.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]I miss you dear Jennie, I miss you with all my heart. I miss you more than I miss my friends, I miss you more than I miss my family. You are my priority in life now and I think I have fallen in love with you.[/notice]

  • When we miss someone, our heart cries for them and our souls tears apart. This is what is happening to me ever since you have gone away. Please come back as I cannot imagine a life without you in it.
  • Ever since you have moved out of the city, I have realized your importance. You mean a lot to me and my days without you are so hard. I miss you a lot and wish to be back with you again.
  • Life is a challenge without your presence, life is tough without you in sight. I miss you dear.

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