Missing You Greeting Card Messages

There is someone you are missing a lot these days and you want to let them know that they are there in someone’s memories, someone’s thoughts and someone’s prayers. Well then send them a greeting with a ‘missing you greeting card message’- a message which is so framed to politely and lovingly tell the receiver that they are being missed and are being thought off. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Missing You Greeting Card Message:

  • Dear Dad, you are away for work which I know is important and I just I wanted to tell you that I miss you a lot. I hope to see you back before my birthday, love you Papa and miss you a lot. Your’s Amy.
  • I am missing you because you are not here, you are there which in not easy for my heart to bear. I miss you so much that I am messing up the brunch, I wish you where back so that I would stop being a slack. Miss you and love you- your poor loving wife, Pen.
  • You cook for me, you clean after me, you teach me, you scold me, you make me learn, you take care of our ferns. But most importantly Mama, you are the only person who makes loves me unconditionally and make me feel at peace. I am missing you a lot, please come back soon.
  • To those who created different time zones and different continents- may you feel the burn of being away from the woman you love! Babe I love you and I miss you and I can’t imagine going on without you. I cannot wait for your project over and to get you back.
  • I might fight with you over stupid and silly things, I might get upset when you use my belongings; I might be all up about teasing you and even hate you for moments which are few. But the distance between us has made me realise how much I miss you being around here big sister. Love you a lot- Anne.
  • We know that you have got married to an amazing man and have moved to another state. We know that you are really happy in your new world, but we just wanted to tell you that all of your former colleagues really miss you. We hope you miss us too.

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