Nice Greeting SMS Messages

Nice greeting SMS messages are messages that are sent to people for making your presence felt in a nice way. They can be inspirational ones, a token of remembrance or wishing for any occasion. These messages can have fun, care and affection at the backdrop. They are sent as text messages through the mobile or networking devices.

Sample Nice Greeting SMS Messages

  • Life revolves around three important things like, being loved, staying faithful and hoping that good things are on the way. Wish you all the three things that make your life very colorful.
  • Daily morning we wake up to run fast and win the rat race, we forget the near and dear, but it is when we are stuck in between we turn for comfort. So today, I take time to thank you, as you have contributed for my happiness and wish you a great day.
  • Life gives you experience and you become matured. Maturity teaches you to be humble. Humbleness brings you success, and the way you face success teaches you the main essence of life.
  • Whatever you wish from your heart will come true, whatever goes around will come back, so wish good for everyone around you are sure to get it right back.
  • Now it is time to leave your worries, switch off the light, hold on to your pillow tight, there are starts in the night that is wishing you a very good night.
  • From the night to the dawn nature teaches you how to hold on, and just be strong. After every night there is a day, be grateful you have a friend to say.
  • Every day life offers you lot of blessings, you wake up to see a beautiful dawn, blessed with daily bread, there are moments of gold you face, and then see the dusk. In the night look at the stars and be thankful to the god who gave you this life which is very precious and dear.
  • It’s a blessing to be with someone as precious as you, someone who is always true, how I found you, no clue. Love that we both stick to each other glued.
  • You can get there, you can come here, and you are free to go anywhere. You can be somewhere all I want to tell you is that you are special so please take good care.
  • Like the ocean, hills and the mountains our relationships are more abundant, when you go very deep, they grow stronger as they grow older, and they are warmer as they become nearer.

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