Silly Pick Up Lines as Greeting Messages

The millennials have their unique ways in greeting someone. Dropping the formality inculcated by the older generations, using pick up lines in the stead of the ancient way of breaking the ice has been very effective to make a stranger like you in an instant– and if unlucky, they might find it corny, boring or creepy. If paired with confidence and practice you may definitely get the attention you want.

To help you greet someone using the method of today’s version, here are silly pick up lines that you can use as greeting messages. You can improvise if you want to be creative or use some of these as guide in creating one. These greeting messages can be sent through text messaging or in various social media sites, and if you think you have managed to perfect one then you may greet anyone using pick up lines by mouth.

  • What human act has been committed which compelled God to send an angel in earth. Whatever it is that you are tasked to do, I believe you  have done it for looking at you has been my sweetest redemption from earthly sins.
  • It is a pleasure to have witnessed God’s most favorite creation. I don’t mean to flatter you at all, the language I speak of is pure Honesty.
  • I don’t mean to shock you with the good news but I’ve read from the horoscope that I’ll be meeting the love of my life at 7 pm, and guess what it’s 7 pm.
  • Don’t you find it strange to not talk to your future husband at all, I mean I just can’t wait for the time I’m destined to say my hello to you.
  • I think my phone  has stopped receiving calls, can you please try to call my number to check if my phone’s really broken?
  • Aren’t you just tired of having you heart badly broken? Let’s make a pact to stop breaking hearts and love one another for this lifetime, okay? If you’re up for it please let me know, for my heart desires to feel what it’s like to love a fairy.

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