Wedding Engagement Greeting Card Messages

Wedding engagement greeting card messages are sent to wish a person on their engagement. It will have message conveyed to the person about the married life, tips about the marital relationships, and also wish from the heart. These greeting cards have a tone of happiness or fun. The wedding engagement messages are sent between friends or loved ones.

Sample Wedding Engagement Greeting Card Messages

  • Two hands join together to clap, two people unite together to start a wonderful beginning. On this occasion I wish you all the happiness and joy. Happy engagement.
  • Engagement is a promise to marry, promise to spend all the money for your wife’s shopping and a promise to share household chores. Congratulations on committing yourself.
  • Engagement is just a beginning to start a great life ahead; it is also the most wonderful period of life. Wish you and your fiancé a happy marriage.
  • Every relationship needs a right start, a true commitment and locality, I am happy to find that you two are committed to build a very happy marriage together. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • It is believed that the shine of the diamond tells the love of the fiancé. I just wanted to remind you that do not pick cheap rings. Congratulations on getting hitched.
  • If you date each other and not get engaged, in few years your parents start worrying. If you date each other and decide to get engaged, few years later you both will start worrying. Joke apart, have a great life ahead.
  • There will be many storms which you will have to withstand, many dreams which you both will have to chase, and many doors you will have to open, to be successful in this bond. Happy days ahead!
  • Life is like a sea during the darkness, so nice, so deep, and so fearful. Love is like the light which helps you to enjoy it. Good that you found yours. We wish you a wonderful life.
  • The recipe of life should have a pinch of humor, a dash of scrap, spoon of understanding and the golden touch of romance. Hope you find out your ratio and try to make your dish with lot of aroma and good taste.
  • The wedding as it nears creates fear, excitement, commitment, and lot of hopes. Wish all your hopes and dreams come true.
  • There can be no better way of expressing your love for the other person, than getting committed for a wed lock. You have offered the best gift to your fiancé. Congrats.

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