Wedding Shower Greeting Card Messages

Wedding shower is also known as bridal shower and this is a pre wedding ritual that is celebrated to bless the soon-to-be-bride for her happier future. On such an occasion, wedding shower greeting card messages are sent.

The messages can also be sent to the couple on their wedding, to shower them with your love and blessings.

The tone of these messages must be love filled and are sent with an intention to bless the bride for her happier married life.

Sample Wedding Shower Greeting Card Messages

[blockquote]We are sure that you are going to prove yourself as a best wife. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming life. May you experience the finest bond of love, your wedding is a ceremony that has been blessed by the GOD above. Congratulations on your wedding! [/blockquote]

[blockquote]In your wedding gown, with your wedding jewellery and that gentle smile; you look like a princess. Since it is your wedding shower, we wish that you be surrounded with lots of love and happiness. May your wedding bring in moments of cheer and togetherness. Have a blessed future, have good time with your partner. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]The most important day of your life is not far. On your wedding shower, I would like to tell you a thing that always be what you are. As you are going towards a new phase of your life, we are sure that you are going to be an awesome wife.  [/blockquote]Congratulations on your wedding!

  • Since it is your wedding day, we are sending our greetings and blessings on your way. For a girl, wedding is the most important day of her life, from a sister and a daughter, she now turns to become a wife.
  • We congratulate the world’s most beautiful bride on her wedding shower, may you have unending joys and happiness with your partner.
  • Wedding shower is indeed an important day in the life of a girl. May you experience all the happiness of this world. As you are going to begin a new chapter of your life, we wish you all the best for your new phase of becoming a wife. Congratulations on your bond of matrimony, may you be surrounded with beautiful love and unforgettable memories.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We would like to congratulate and bless the soon-to-be-bride on her wedding shower. She has surely chosen a perfect partner. May she stay happy ever after, we look forward to enjoy her wedding with great cheer. Have a blessed future.[/notice]


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