Wedding Shower Greeting Messages

Wedding shower is also known as the bridal shower ceremony. The wedding shower greeting messages can be sent on the pre-wedding ritual day to congratulate and bless the very soon bride to be. Such messages can also be sent on the wedding day. These are usually sent by family, friends, relatives and many other near and dear ones. The tone of such messages will be as though you bless and congratulate the bride for the best future. Such messages should be emotional and blissfully written.

The wedding shower messages can be sent in the form of text messages, email messages or through cards. Below mentioned messages will give you a good idea as to how such messages can be framed in the best way.

Sample Wedding Shower Greeting Messages

  • I am sure you will prove to be a best wife. Hope you do the best in your future life. May the love you share be eternal! Congratulations on becoming a wonderful wife!
  • On this wedding shower, we would like to congratulate to the world’s most beautiful bride. May your happiness and love with your partner last long.
  • I am waiting to see the beautiful bride with the beautiful wedding gown on the special day. Hope you have an amazing life with your partner and a great wedding celebration!
  • As you are entering towards a new phase of life, I hope all the happiness is yours. Many best congratulations on your wedding!
  • I am very sure that you have chosen a perfect life partner. Hope you two share an everlasting and lovely bonding. Many best wishes on your wedding!
  • Wedding shower is the best part of a bride’s life! I hope you live this day to the fullest and enjoy every special moment. Congratulations on the amazing bond of matrimony!
  • I am waiting to see my little girl in the beautiful wedding gown. Being a mom, this will be a pain for me to let you go. But hope you have a better future with your life partner. Many congratulations on the amazing wedding!
  • May you be happy ever with your prince charming and enjoy every moment of your life in the best possible way. Wish you a blessed and beautiful future with the perfect gentleman!
  • This is going to be a great moment in your life. On this special day of your wedding shower, I wish you the best and let the good Lord bless you always!

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