Welcome Back Greeting Messages

Welcome back greeting messages are ones that are sent to someone who has come back from another destination.

The messages intend to send messages for letting the other person know that they are being welcomed back and also to communicate that their absence was felt.

These messages show the care and concern of the sender for the receiver and should be expressed in a brief manner.

Sample Welcome Back Greeting Messages

[blockquote]Hi friend! Hope you are doing fine now after a long absence from school due to illness. We all take this opportunity to welcome you back with lots of love and we will always be there for you when you need us. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are welcome to be a part of our growing company and team that has been instrumental in providing many success stories to the company in the last few years. May you have a similar stint too. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]We wish you all the very best and welcome you on the board of our company as a senior vice president. Hope that you will provide us your visionary inputs over a long period of time. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]Welcome back from the foreign destination you had been to. We can’t wait to party tight in order to celebrate your return. Let’s meet tonight and celebrate. [/blockquote]

  • We are glad that you have completed your overseas assignment and returned back to office today. Welcome back and wish you all the very best.
  • Welcome back to our country my dear sister, we are all so proud of all your professional achievements.
  • Hi mom we all missed you a lot while you were away but now that you are back I want to welcome you with a tight hug.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We welcome you back with open arms after such a long separation due to various circumstances that forced us to live separately. Anyway a hearty welcome to you.[/notice]
  • We are extremely glad to welcome you to our club as a new member and hope that your association will be a mutually beneficial one.
  • You are most welcome to your first job and we wish you a very good luck for you stay and progress in our company.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Dear wife you are welcome into my life and hope that we enjoy a happy and inseparable relationship as long as we live.[/notice]
  • You are welcome to the society of senior citizens and hope that your experience and knowledge will help us to function better.


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