Funny Holiday Card Messages

Funny holiday card messages are those messages which are sent to people through holiday cards and are funny in their tone or nature.

Any of these messages are meant to be sent on the occasion of a certain holiday or during a holiday season to wish the receiver a happy holiday.

Any of these messages must be brief and precise. Given below are a few samples of funny holiday card messages which can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Sample Funny Holiday Card Messages:

[blockquote]Holidays are meant to relax and take a break from a normal and boring routine life. So enjoy this time, go out and have a time filled with laughter and cheer. [/blockquote]

  • May Santa Claus come on his sledge and fill your life with gifts of happiness and joy. Have a great holiday season and a superb Christmas Day.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Life is full of depressing and boring days. But a holiday changes the mood and puts us on a good vibe and a happy feeling. So make the most of this time with your loved ones.[/notice]
  • Put your worries in a dump bag and enjoy this holiday season to fullest. Have good and happy holidays.



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