Funny Holiday Text Messages

Funny holiday text messages are ones that are sent to loved ones to wish a holiday in a funny manner. The tone of these messages is casual and filled with hilarious text that cheers up the receiver of the message. These messages can be sent to anyone to wish a holiday occasion in short yet joyous tone as well to enjoy the relaxed mood of a holiday.

Sample Funny Holiday Text Messages

  • While it is holiday time I feel like charged up to take on something more useful in life that is just catch up with my sleep as much as I can. So don’t disturb me and enjoy your holiday as well.
  • Even though enjoying life is in my blood I feel that doing something different today will double up the fun. So I invite you to come over to my home and do the vessels in honor of celebrating your holiday.
  • It seems like almighty has so much love for me as he made this holiday season just for lazy bones like me. So have a great holiday just like me.
  • Holidays or without any holidays I still feel the same for you. So can’t help but asking you to help me with all my chores so that even your holiday becomes worth remembering.
  • Remember the last holidays when we had great fun together where I cooked up a great meal just for you. So don’t feel disappointed as I am going to give you an opportunity to do the same for me. Happy holidays.
  • Though holidays can be time when we have great fun it can also be tiring when one has to clear up all the mess created by inviting people home to celebrate. I am just lucky that you are my neighbor and can’t wait to see you at my home to add to the celebration as well as help clear the mess soon.
  • Praise be to the Lord for making holiday season so much fun, but even God must be on a holiday so let’s have all the fun.
  • Holidays are too good with no work and no boss to remind about all the work that has piled up in so many days. So let us at least kick the boss in our dreams and have a great fantasy holiday.
  • Wishing you all very happy holidays though the fear of returning back to loads of work still haunts, let enjoy every moment of these holidays as long as it lasts.

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