Housewarming Congratulations Messages

Housewarming parties are organised when a person buys a new home. At such a time friends, relatives and other people send housewarming congratulation messages to the host.

These messages are sent to congratulate a person for his new house and are written in an informal way. The messages are sent at the time of housewarming parties or before that.

Sample Housewarming Congratulation Messages

[blockquote]This house has fulfilled your long desired dream that you had in your eyes. I am really happy to hear that you have got a new home for you and your family. Congratulations![/blockquote]

[blockquote]Your new home has an amazing decor. I send you this message to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful home. You are now an owner of a beautiful place, new responsibilities and new pleasure. Enjoy your stay![/blockquote]

  • As you lay your first step to your new home, I want to send my heartiest congratulations. I pray to GOD that you experience the same happiness as you experienced in your previous home.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I wish you congratulations for your move to a new home. May those feelings of happiness, togetherness and joy moves with you as you shift from your previous place to a new place. Congratulations![/notice]

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