Housewarming Invitation Messages

A house becomes a home with its family members and friends. Having a house of one’s own is always special and close to one’s heart. A grand celebration is often performed by the house owner to mark the moment of joy.

To celebrate this special occasion of housewarming, we need the presence of guests to share the happiness and in such situations housewarming invitation messages are used.

Sample Housewarming Invitation Messages

[blockquote]Nestling in our new home, feeling the warmth and rejoicing every moment, we invite you to join us in our housewarming party![/blockquote]

[blockquote]The things are unpacked and our new house is beginning to feel like home! Please join us at the housewarming get together party![/blockquote]

[blockquote]Friends the moment has come for me and my family to share the joy of possessing a new house. We would be stepping inside our new house on Monday, 5th March 2011. We are looking forward to a grand celebration on that day. Please do join us to make mark this special moment of joy.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Words are not enough to describe my excitement regarding my new house. You can only feel it with a glimpse of it. Come and enjoy its surrounding. We are waiting for our guests at (address).[/blockquote]

  • We are inviting you to please join our housewarming party at our new abode!
  • It’s a new house so let’s have a rocking party and warm it up. You are invited to our housewarming party and please be present!
  • We have got a new house and can’t wait to show you around. Please join us for housewarming party!
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]We are moving into our new home and would love to have you. Please join us with your family for a housewarming party. Don’t miss![/notice]
  • Home sweet home! We are delighted to announce we have a new home! We are now having a housewarming party. Please come!
  • We have moved to our new house. It’s our first party at our new address so please come and we will have a blast.
  • You are kindly invited to join our housewarming party with your family. Your presence will make the day even more special.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]It is a cordial invitation to you to visit our new house and share our moments of joy in the form of a sweet home. The address and dates are specified along with this invitation.[/notice]
  • The hectic job of shifting is over. We have moved to our final destination in this city. So please do come to bless us with your wishes on 5th of February at our residence.
  • My new home is ready! Now its time for me to celebrate the happiness of buying a new home with my friends. Please join me on Tuesday 15th February 2011, at my new residence [address] for a dinner party.


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