Housewarming Party Messages

Housewarming party messages are those messages which are sent by an individual to someone who has recently moved into a new house and is organising a housewarming party.

These messages are written down with a feeling of happiness and to wish congratulations to the receiver and hence must be self written and genuine in its emotions.

Given below are a few samples of housewarming party messages which can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Sample Housewarming Party Messages

  • As we are making a move to our new place, we invite you on our housewarming party to rejoice and embrace. We request for your warm presence, please grace the evening with your essence.
  • You are cordially invited on the housewarming party that is scheduled for coming Sunday. We would like you to join us as we are moving to our new place. Please come and bless us for a happier stay. We look forward to have you at the party place.
  • The housewarming party that was organised by you was wonderful. We would like to say that your new home is amazing and is truly beautiful. We wish you all the best for your stay at your new residence, may you be surrounded with everlasting moments of joys and fun. Happy housewarming.
  • Our housewarming will be incomplete without the presence of our near and dear ones. As we have planned a housewarming party, you are invited to join us to add up in our happiness and fun. Please come and decorate our new home with your love and joy, we look forward to have great time and enjoy.
  • Your presence is requested as we have planned a housewarming party. Kindly come and grace the evening.

[blockquote]This humble abode has become a beautiful home due to your presence in it and your loving family. May you have a great time here and congratulations for moving in here.[/blockquote]

  • As you move into this new beautiful house, I wish you and your family a great housewarming party and a superb stay in this beautiful abode.
  • Congratulations for moving in this lovely and great looking home. May you have a nice time living here.
  • Many congratulations for moving in a new house. Hope it brings you good luck and lots of happiness and success.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Every new house needs to be decorated with love and joy. I am sure yours will be a well decorated one. Congratulations![/notice]

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